This Blogger Got Real About Weird Swimsuit Sizing In One Instagram Photo

We’re on the verge of swimsuit season, but everyone knows that the perfect suit is hard to come by, and Aliss Bonython knows the struggle.

The British blogger got real about the shopping process with an honest Instagram selfie that showed her trying on a triangle bikini top. Based on the questionable expression on her face, that top was clearly not made for anyone with curves.

She explained her frustration in a series of Instagram photos titled, “THE REALITY OF BIKINI SHOPPING AS A PLUS SIZE WOMAN.”

“I was really inspired when I saw a YouTube video of @dj4jay speaking on his experience helping a plus size gf look for a bikini, and this Is the reality of it,” she wrote in the caption. “I used to get so disheartened when I would go shopping for swimwear with my friends who had no issue finding them. I’ve always had too much boobs/ass/hips to wear straight sized bikinis and instead of punishing myself and my body for not fitting into this narrow ideal of sexy, I just look elsewhere.”

She continued, “I remember getting a bikini from @gabifresh @swimsuitsforall collection and not feeling like I had to change myself to look ok, because it came fitting every curve on my body. Massive thank you to all the brands who don’t forget about us curvy girls ”

Seriously, we feel her. Shopping for bathing suits can be painful, especially when you don’t fit into the category of swimsuit model. Why can’t bathing suits be made for all types of bodies? And why can’t the sizes actually match the suit? Everything is always smaller, and when you have boobs and a butt, that doesn’t always work. Bonython’s got a similar response from followers and we’re glad she threw the truth out there. What do you think? Sound off in the comments below.

[H/T: Refinery29]

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