This Determined Teen Removed Someone From Her Photo & The Internet Is Calling Her A Queen

When a photo of yourself is absolutely fire, but you’re not, well, on the best of terms with the person posing next to you, you have two options: crop the photo, or keep it to yourself.

Teenager Serena Caballero has been lauded a hero on Twitter for offering a creative third option. Serena loved a photo of herself posing in front of a vintage car with a friend (to be fair, she does look fierce), but she didn’t want to ruin the aesthetic of the photo, as her presumable ex-friend took up much of the space.

The 18-year-old instead decided to erase the other girl from the photo altogether, and color in the other half of the car with the app PicsArt. The result is both impressive and hilarious:

Her innovative response struck a chord with the Twitter community, many of whom wanted to know her secrets:

And many who shared their own techniques:

The petty crown goes to…

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