This Girl Hilariously Trolled A Student-Athlete On Tinder With A Hilarious Meme

If you haven’t seen the jokes about student-athletes and their stereotypical responses yet, you’re totally missing out. Twitter has exploded with countless variations of a certain way of speaking that it appears many usersย associate with student athletes.

These are some of the best:

Brooke Beissel, a freshman at North Dakota State University, shared an exchange from Tinder that she had with a self-proclaimed student-athlete. She incorporated the use of the popular meme, but Justin didn’t quite seem to catch on to what she was doing.

“I got the idea to say what I said from Twitter actually, from seeing all the tweets and memes about student-athletes that are currently going around,” Brooke toldย BuzzFeed News.

Everyone kind of lost it in response to the tweet.

“I was thrown off that he gave me such a normal response to what I said that I had to ask him if he’s seen any of the student-athlete tweets, which he told me he hadn’t seen them,” Brooke told BuzzFeed.

They chatted a little bit more before Brooke unmatched him, but she was surprised he didn’t get the joke.

“It’s also been really funny to pretend that I’m an actual celebrity when I’m with my friends, like we just joke around that I need a bodyguard and that paparazzi are following me,” she told BuzzFeed.

Let’s just hope Brooke stays grinding… *Insert emojis of your choice here*

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