Kelly Rowland Just Took A Body Shamer Down So Many Notches He’s Probably Underground

Kelly Rowland is one of many celebrities who has expressed her adoration of Kendrick Lamar’s new stretch mark-praising song, “Humble.”

She posted an Instagram flaunting her backside accompanied by Kendrick’s lyrics in a self-empowering shout-out to the song and to herself.

But, being Instagram, of course one troll had to crawl out from the depths under his sad little bridge to insult her body, showing that not only is he a butt-faced miscreant (Rory Gilmore™), but he also missed the entire point of her post (and Kendrick’s song.)

Fortunately, Kelly clapped back, and quickly, using Kendrick’s lyrics to put the homeless pencil (Schmidt, New Girl™) back in his place.

Read the entire exchange here:

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