This Super Racist Promposal Is How *Not* To Do Prom

‘Tis the season for the internet to be flooded with promposals, from teens asking one another to the dance with Doritos to using lavish song-and-dance numbers to woo their dates.

However, one recent promposal has gone viral for the absolute worst reason, getting two girls suspended from their Florida high school.

The students asked their third friend to prom, and Instagrammed the encounter via an über-racist Instagram post that was quickly swept up by the internet (which, as we all know, is forever.) In the picture, the three girls are posing with a cardboard sign that reads: “You may be picking cotton, but we’re picking you to go to prom with us.” The caption? “She said yes.”

The girls told CBS4 that the sign was “just a joke,” but it definitely isn’t a very appetizing one. When an alumni of the school shared the image on Twitter, it quickly spread.

Grey’s Anatomy actor Jesse Williams also noticed the picture, and he had some words for the girls, giving the “joke” even further media attention:

It has now been tweeted thousands of times, and gained national media coverage. All of the girls have apologized through their parents, and made it clear that the image wasn’t meant to be seen.

That sounds like the least of their problems.

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