These New Emoji Masks Are Terrifying, But I Also Kind Of Want One?

Emojis remain the best feature of the iPhone; with just a click of a button you can accessorize your text or caption to show someone exactly how passive aggressive (upside-down smiley), sassy (painting nails), or horrified (you know the face) you’re feeling, without the effort of actually articulating your emotions.

Now, Petite Amie Skincare is bringing the emojis to life off-screen with a new set of emoji sheet masks that might just be the most millennial product we’ve ever heard of.

There are six emoji masks to choose from: Scream Masque, Love Masque, Blush Masque, Cooling Masque, Happy Masque, and Chillin’ Masque, and they would all indisputably deliver a scream if you were to don it and jump at someone from behind a door or shower curtain (not that we’re making any suggestions.)

The Taiwan-based brand isn’t just focusing on LOL-value, either: Allure reports that each emoji reflects the purpose and use of the mask. The bright red angry emoji is tailored to calm skin after a sunburn and reduce redness. The Happy Masque promises to bring a smile to your faltering lips, and The Chillin’ Masque (that laid-back sunglasses dude) is chalk-full of relaxing cucumber.

The masks range from $10-$12 and would make an amazing gift for any beauty buff with a sense of humor (which can definitely include you.) Shop here.

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