Britney Spears Is Saying Goodbye To Her Vegas Residency

If anyone embodies the epitome of a comeback, it’s Britney Spears.

After dramatic fall from grace, the singer struggled to maintain her footing and to keep her career intact. Some people felt for her and others thought the early 2000s pop princess would simply fade away.

She proved them wrong. Her Vegas residency, the aptly-titled “Piece Of Me” show, continued for years, selling out dates, wowing audiences with showmanship and making Spears a hefty $15 million a year.

Her time at Planet Hollywood is coming to an end, officially.

After nearly four years of shows, Spears will be saying goodbye on an appropriate date: December 31, 2017. Expect those ticket prices to soar, especially when considering that the show is a pretty pricey purchase anyway.

Spears said saying goodbye would be hard and her fans definitely agree.

What will she do next? Her next move hasn’t yet been announced, but there is some speculation. As her personal life reaches a new high and her career also flourishes, Britney Spears has again beaten the odds.

And if she’s asking if fans want a piece of her, this tour has provided an emphatic answer: YES.

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