A ‘Friends’ Musical Is Coming To NYC








After the departure of favorite clique 13 years ago, some of us still can’t let go of Friends. Rerun after rerun, we reminisce on every episode and continue to laugh hysterically like it’s new to us. But no need to continue watching the same episodes for the 35th time, because Broadway has special news for us.

If you didn’t get the hint already, yes Friends is finally becoming a musical, which will debut this fall.

The show is titled Friends! The Musical! and it’s literally so hard to contain our excitement. Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Joey and Phoebe will be part of the production while maintaining their exact quirky and hilarious personalities from the show.

Each one of the musical’s song titles references the show’s most memorable and distinct moments. The show will include tunes such as, “The One Where We Make A Million Dollars An Episode,” “The Only Coffee Shop in New York,” “Oh. My God. It’s Janice!,” “We Were On A Break” and, of course, “We’ll Always Be There For You.”

I can just picture it now, the characters singing and dancing in Central Perk. My heart hurts at the thought.


The off-Broadway show is still unofficial and hasn’t yet been endorsed by the original creators of the ’90s sitcom. However, that hasn’t stopped former cast members from surprising diehard fans with guest appearances during the show. If you’re lucky, you might even get the chance to see one of the Friends cast members during the show.

So, I would get my hands on those advance tickets, which go on sale in June, before they sell out like hotcakes.

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