9 Tweets That Summarize This Dumpster Fire Of A Week

In case you somehow escaped Twitter, boycotted all classes, ignored the stray subway newspaper, and dodged all forms of human interaction this week, you need to know: this was an absolute garbage week.

First, there was the (somehow unexpected) backlash to the least-effective Pepsi commercial to ever be shot:

Then, United Airlines raised them one by physically dragging (and injuring) a passenger off a plane who just wanted to get to his destination safely, please:

Then, the trash bags convincingly assembled into human being Sean Spicer began to wilt a bit when he suggested that Hitler wasn’t, you know, that bad, and concentration camps were… “Holocaust centers.”


Naturally, many people drew parallels between three incidents. All three were PR nightmares that resulted in major backlash, and each somehow managed to be more offensive and downright atrocious than the previous event.


There was much beer to be held:

However, not all was lost. Ben Carson, in a beautiful twist of fate, was stuck in an elevator at a public housing complex.

Here’s hoping this doesn’t become a weekly series.

Amtrak Police Taser Man Inside Penn Station In Manhattan
Amtrak Police Taser Man Inside Penn Station In Manhattan
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