You Can Finally Highlight Your Entire Existence With This Body Scrub

Every single time we find a beautiful highlighter, our love for it drives us to highlight every inch of our face and sometimes even our body. Sometimes the thought even crosses a glowing beauty lover’s mind: “I wish I could just BATHE in this.” And finally, one beauty brand seriously read our minds.

Frank Body is a beauty brand that creates amazing and fresh-smelling  facial masks and moisturizers, as well as all-natural exfoliating, hydrating and firming body scrubs. Their coffee scrub is the brand’s most well-known product so far, but their new scrub is officially hitting the trending list.

Frank Body Shimmer Scrub

Frank Body

Their Shimmer Scrub will be available on May 1 for $20 and you can reserve one on their website. People are literally falling in love with it. Not only does it smooth and plump your skin after use, but the scrub has a highlighting element from its mica. So, it leaves your body looking dusted in highlighter after patting yourself dry. You’ll really be glowing after a good shower.

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