7 Incredible Signs From Today’s Expansive Climate March

Thousands of people flooded the streets of D.C. today to protest the Trump administration’s views and actions (or lack thereof) on climate change. Protestors started at the capital and marched to the White House, chanting: “Resistance is here to stay, welcome to your 100th day,” and, the New York Times reported, let out a “collective roar” once they reached it.

The Peoples Climate March was actually planned before President Trump took office, but once Trump won the election, the event took on a life of its own, attracting far more participants than the event probably would have otherwise. Since the president removed the Climate Change Info page from his website the day of the march, it’s pretty clear its goals are necessary.

Everyone from Leo DiCaprio to Al Gore was in attendance, and rallies took place not just in D.C., but in states across the country.

This march comes only a week after the March for Science, and shares many of the same goals: namely, recognizing and reacting to scientific research, honoring our Earth, and protecting our environment and ourselves.

Here are a handful of our favorite signs.





Okay, so Leo’s sign isn’t GREAT, but we had to include it. It’s Leo.




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