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7 Surprising Foods That Will Give You The Perfect Summer Glow


Summer’s almost here and with the new season comes the desire for a beautiful, healthy tan. Glowing skin is a must-have for bikini season, but UV rays from the sun and tanning beds can be harmful and cause premature ageing. Spray tans are a good alternative, but they can sometimes be expensive or worse, they can come out looking cheap. Luckily there’s a super easy, super healthy way to get a gorgeous glow through all the seasons, and it’s as easy as running to the grocery store.

The key to a healthy glow is carotenoids. Carotenoids are natural compounds found in bright plants and animals that give them their coloring. There are a few different types such as Beta Carotene, Lycopene and Xanthophylls. BONUS: Foods high in carotenoids are also high in antioxidants. So, not only will your skin look great, but it will feel great as well. By incorporating these foods into your diet you’ll start noticing your skin changing in no time at all. (Just be sure to not overdo it, as an excess of carotenoid in your diet could leave you with too much orange pigmentation.