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This Girl Totally Owned The Met Gala Without Stepping Foot On The Red Carpet


The Met Gala is known for the outrageous and generally questionable outfits but this year it seemed like the creativity was lacking in some areas. Thankfully, Youtuber and Instagram star Quenlin Blackwell stepped up to the plate.

Let’s just say Quenlin managed to leave everyone at the Met Gala shook… without purchasing a ticket.

Using household items, Blackwell transformed her living room right into the red carpet at the Met. She wore a wide range of styles, including a broomstick sticking up from behind her and another one with a woven basket on her head. All of the outfits were made from clothes she already owned or from items lying around her house so she was really going for the conservation aspect of the night.

Most impressive would be Blackwell’s many poses. Not only is it hard to wear items that aren’t traditionally supposed to be worn, but it’s even harder to look model like¬†while doing so. In the true spirit of the Met Gala, traditional poses were left to the side. The blanket piece featured Blackwell recreating the infamous Angelina and J.Lo one-legged poses. Another one included her standing like an ancient Greek¬†statue with wine glasses in both hands.

While the caliber of the outfits may not have been up to par with the actual Gala itself, it looks like Blackwell had a pretty good time with creating her own fashion show. Who knows, maybe the people in charge of the Gala will be inspired by her next year? Let’s hope she gets the ticket she deserves.

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