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Please Don’t Use Your iPhone To Blend Your Foundation


We’re definitely getting a kick out of all these ways to apply makeup. From the hardboiled egg and to the condom, either makeup bloggers are running out of ideas or they’re running out of cash to buy decent applicators.

But this time, your iPhone is much more convenient and not just for making calls and receiving emails, but also for makeup (just to be clear, for preparing the makeup before it goes onto the skin).

According to Teen Vogue, makeup artists on Instagram have already used the back of their iPhones as a palette for mixing up their own custom foundation shade. As unsanitary as it sounds, they all agree that mixing foundations on the back of their hands or anywhere else that doesn’t acquire germs isn’t effective as the smooth flatness of an iPhone.

As for one of the originals who started out this new strategy, it began with 15-year-old Jake Warden and Kiki of @spottedstyleblog, who highly recommends that we thoroughly clean the back of our phones before putting any foundations or other makeup products on it.

So, is the back of an iPhone much more effective than the back of your hand? If these beauty bloggers swear by it, we should consider it. But first, make sure your iPhone gets a good cleaning before and after using it to mix up your foundations. Be careful!

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