If You Want A Piece Of Her, You Can Now Buy Britney Spears’ Most Iconic Looks On Ebay











If you grew up in the golden age of Britney Spears‘ music, then you’ll recognize these iconic costumes. A seller going by the name of Bikinico is auctioning off seven of her most well-known costumes from the 2000s. The collection was originally listed at around $50,000 on May 5 and has since risen to a whopping $99,995. Oh, and shipping costs are about $200. One of my personal favorites included in the collection is her dark green bra and the jeweled shorts that she wore at the 2001 VMAs. I mean seriously, look how pretty it is.

Supposedly, the snake is included. Funny.

Getty Images | Photo by Scott Gries

“I’ve collected these outfits since 2003 when Britney auctioned them off. They are all authentic with Authenticity Certificates,” the seller wrote on their listing page. ” These are arguably the most iconic costumes in music history.”


Among the selection of costumes are iconic looks from a number of music videos and tours. In order from left to right, her outfits include her pink Levi’s chaps from her “Overprotected” music video with a rainbow sequin crop top from her Dream Within a Dream tour, a custom Atelier Versace dress she wore to the 2008 VMAs, my favorite green outfit from her “Slave 4 U” 2001 VMA performance, her actual costume for her “Slave 4 U” music video, a black outfit from her “Me Against the Music” music video, a racy Roberto Cavelli bra from her Dream Within a Dream tour and the pants she wore during her 2001 Super Bowl Performance. Yes, just the pants. Britney sold some of the missing pieces in separate auctions and, according to the seller, admitted that it “has been quite a process to acquire all these pieces.”

Unfortunately if you had your eyes set on only one of them, you’re out of luck. The seller seems set on selling all of them as a collection because they make a statement about her 18-year career. So unless you’re dead set on dropping $100,000 on all seven costumes, you’re probably better off trying to make your own replicas.

As of May 7, the seller has placed all seven of Britney’s costumes on display on their store window for people to see. They are currently located in Surfco Swimwear, which is in Canada’s West Edmonton Mall. I want to take a look myself, but sadly I’m stuck on the East Coast. Can someone sent me a Snapchat photo of these looks?

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