Teen Emerges From Coffin During Elaborate Prom Entrance

For years, it was all about the promposal. Now it is all about the arrival to prom. Over-the-top arrivals are the latest craze for teens. Each prom entrance has been crazier than the next, from arriving in an ambulance to the latest entrance, which involved arriving in a hearse.

Yes, 17- year old Megan Flaherty, arrived in a hearse. And if the hearse wasn’t dramatic enough, Flaherty then emerged from a coffin upon arriving at her Pennsauken High School junior prom. (Yes, this was just a junior prom. Can’t wait to see how she tops herself for her senior prom.) The video is wild.

When Flaherty arrived at prom, a top hat-wearing chauffeur, who is a family friend (and a funeral director), opened the back of the hearse to reveal an open coffin. Flaherty was lying inside, all made up in her prom dress. The driver lowered the coffin so that her classmates could see her inside before her date, Stephen Caldwell, took her hand and escorted her inside.

“I made sure my prom date was ok with it,” Flaherty told NJ.com.

As usual, the internet definitely had something to say about Flaherty and her grand entrance. She seems rather unbothered about others’ opinions on what she did. “Anything people do these days, people judge it,” Flaherty adds. “People have opinions.”

Yes, the really do.


She came prom in a hearse and a coffin.

I'm trying to figure out what she killed exactly because I DONT SEE IT😌

— Desmond (@TheeDMC) May 10, 2017

Showing up to your junior prom in a casket and a hearse is a hell of a power movehttps://t.co/OJ8TuxQgt2 pic.twitter.com/dMKZPXU7PG

— Barstool Sports (@barstoolsports) May 9, 2017

Just when I thought that as a white person that I didn't have anything more to answer for, these morons do a hearse/casket prom entrance

— Eric Rudin (@RudinEG) May 9, 2017

Damn some jersey girl just showed up to prom in a hearse and coffin

— Ryan Purdy (@purdylongputts) May 10, 2017

I had no idea how the rest of the state felt about South Jersey until I saw tweets re: bananas on pizza and arriving at prom in a hearse

— Jessica Leeburg (@spacencashmere) May 10, 2017

So, why a coffin? Flaherty explains that the idea of death and dying has always fascinated her. She’s actually very interested in the funeral industry and plans to go to Mercer County Community College where they offer funeral service education programs. Dennis McGee, the hearse driver, explained that Flaherty has been asking to work with him and has assisted on various funerals.

The dramatic entrance stunned her classmates. It’s not every day that you see someone emerge from a hearse.

“I don’t think they were really processing it,” Flaherty explained. “I’m a quiet person in school, so people didn’t expect it.”


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