This Aspiring Engineer Recreated Claire Danes’ Glowing Met Gala Dress For Prom

One of the most legendary looks from last year’s Met Gala was Claire Danes’ gorgeous light-up dress.

The Zac Posen original was gorgeous in the regular light of the red carpet, but in the dark of the Gala, it was completely breathtaking.

One Maryland 17-year-old named Claire Smith was inspired by the gown and instead of looking for a copy, she decided to create one of her very own.

According to Mashable, the homeschooled teenager and aspiring engineer decided to use the skills she’d fine-tuned during her experience with Girls Who Code, which gives girls aspiring to be in tech-based fields more lessons and experience in the industry, and made a light-up dress for her prom.

Smith found a dress for free through a local organization called Cinderella’s Closet, which helps make formal gowns more accessible. From there, Smith got to working on the more technical aspects of the outfit.

She incorporated software from Adafruit’s Flora, which makes electronics into accessories, and then paired it with six NeoPixels, which function as small, twinkling lights. She stitched them into the garment, connecting all of it using conductive thread.

Smith even included a battery and a light switch so that she could turn the dress on and off.

Smith said that the project only took a few days to finish, though the result looked like it was the hard work of fashion professionals.

[protected-iframe id=”aee9cf1a7155efd91e939702dc96ff7b-860993-107780414″ info=”” width=”750″ height=”422″]

Not only is the finished dress a stunner, Smith is now hoping to use the experience to help other girls with their own ideas.

She’s planning on starting a workshop to teach about 3D printing technology, as well as some pretty helpful advice.

“If you’re thinking of going into computer science, don’t back out because the guys are intimidating, just keep going,” Smith said. “It’s an amazing journey to go through”

If prom was any indication, the journey will continue to be amazing for Claire.

[H/T: Mashable]

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Teen Emerges From Coffin During Elaborate Prom Entrance
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