The 10 Most Adorable Betty & Jughead Moments From ‘Riverdale’

The highly-anticipated season finale of Riverdale airs tonight. In case you have yet to hop on the bandwagon, Riverdale is a teen drama series based on the classic Archie Comics. In the small town of Riverdale, a scandal arose when high school all-star Jason Blossom mysteriously disappeared. The series follows a group of friends including Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge, Archie Andrews and Jughead Jones as they try to uncover the murder of Jason Blossom. Behind the dark themes of the show, there is an underlying romance between Betty and Jughead. Looking back at the season, these ten moments stand out as significant to Betty and Jughead’s relationship.

1. When Jughead got jealous.

In the fifth episode, Riverdale introduced a character named Trevor. Betty was under the impression that Trevor may have some information on the murder of Jason Blossom and eagerly tried to meet up with him to get to the bottom of things. Referring to the little meet-up as a date made Jughead seem quite jealous.

Riverdale, Jughead

2. When Betty defended Jughead.

Episode three was a little early to foresee the future of Jughead and Betty as an item, but looking back we can definitely spot some hints that the two were a couple in the making. Jughead had a sentimental connection with Riverdale’s drive-in theatre, leaving him devastated when the drive-in was bought out. While complaining to his friends, Betty defended Jughead.

Riverdale, Betty and Jughead, Pops

3. When Jughead defended Betty.

There is no denying that this duo will always have each other’s backs. Cheryl Blossom stirs the pot in episode ten when she decides to orchestrate a “secret revealing” game at Jughead’s surprise party. When Chuck comes out with a secret regarding some scandalous information he had on Betty, Jughead reveals his aggressive side and punches Chuck to protect her.

Jughead, Betty, Jughead and Betty, Riverdale

4. When they found the car full of evidence.

In episode six, Betty and Jughead really establish themselves as a dynamic duo. The two are on a search for answers and during their mission, they discover Jason’s car full of useful information.

Betty, Jughead, Riverdle

5. When they had their first kiss.

Later on in the sixth episode, Jughead romantically surprises Betty at her window, After a deep moment between the two, Jughead leans in for their first kiss.

Betty and Jughead Kiss, Riverdale, Betty, Jughead

6. When Jughead didn’t let Betty walk home alone.

It is no secret that the town of Riverdale is unsafe. In episode seven, Jughead continued to showcase his care for Betty when he walks her home at night because he didn’t want her to be alone.

Betty, Jughead, Betty and Jughead, Riverdale

7. When Jughead broke down.

One of the crucial moments for this couple was in episode ten when Betty threw Jughead a surprise party, ignoring the fact that he hates surprises. The soiree ended in an argument where Jughead points out their differences, describing Betty as the “perfect girl next door” and himself as “the damaged loner outsider from the wrong side of the tracks.” This fight set the tone for the episodes following.

Jughead, Riverdale

8. The dinner incident.

The couple experienced another speed bump in episode eleven when Betty’s mother Alice invited Jughead and his father to dinner. Jughead was ecstatic about the idea, unaware of the hidden agenda of the dinner. The episode was a turning point for the couple and their relationship was tested. Whether or not Jughead and Betty have faith as a couple will hopefully be determined in the season finale.

Betty and Jughead, Riverdale, Jughead

9. Every time Jughead looks at Betty.

Things have been rocky for Betty and Jughead, but the couple has a chemistry that should not go unnoticed. It is clear the Jughead cares for Betty just by the way that he looks at her.

Jughead, Jughead look

10. Every time they trusted each other.

The teenage couple faces circumstances that the average high school sophomore does not encounter. This makes trust crucial for them. Betty and Jughead have proven their trust multiple times throughout the season.

Betty, Betty and Jughead, Riverdale

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