Cole Sprouse’s Twitter Is A Literal Goldmine, You Guys

Cole Sprouse stayed largely under the radar between his childhood role as Cody or Zach (I don’t have the level of interest required to Google it, I’m sorry) and Jughead from Riverdale, so you can be forgiven if, like me, you were also unaware that he has a Twitter game to rival Chrissy Teigen.

The many-year gap between small screen roles has given him time to reflect, gain perspective, and tweet about his child stardom with exactly the right combination of dark humor and poignant sarcasm, and I didn’t even need to search to assemble this list of tweets; I barely had to subject my thumbs to any scrolling.

He tweets throwback childhood photos that will take your sentimentality for Zach/Cody and twist it in the best, most crooked way:

He offers sage advice:

He opens up about his true dedication to his fans:

He addresses the hate that older generations reserve for millennials:

But, also acknowledges that children are terrible:

As are many men:

And he follows his heart and maintains his dreams.

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