This Mother’s Day Meme Is The Best Thing You’ll See All Day

Yesterday, a new meme hit the Internet and went viral with breathtaking speed. David DeWeil, a University of South Carolina professor, tweeted it, prompting thousands of likes and retweets, Buzzfeed reports.

“Oh you love your mom? Name three of her albums.” DeWeil wrote, mocking the popular online joke that one must prove oneself to truly be a fan, be it of a sports team, a band, or even a song.

The┬átopical tweet blew up, garnering over 10,000 retweets and 16,000 likes in just a single day. In honor of Mother’s Day, people are listing their own mothers’ albums and hit singles as a play on the joke and as a way of honoring their own mothers, quirks and all.

“I Do All The Work In This House” is definitely an explicit version.

A number of people had albums about technological difficulties.

Or about free-loading without pitching in.

Some were really just known for one iconic song.

Some were quite religious.

What would be your mom’s top hit?

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