Stop Everything: McDonald’s Has Curly Fries?!

Just when the age of secret menu items has peaked, McDonald’s surprises us with their creativity and throws a game-changer into the mix.

McDonald’s now has curly fries! Their standard golden brown potato deliciousness is already a staple for most, but they definitely upgraded when they came up with the idea for curly fries. Not only does everyone love a curly fry, but we are all suckers for a great name. McDonald’s has hit the mark with this one, which is sure to be a hit. The curly fries come with the coolest name yet: Twister Fries.

Don’t get too excited just yet.

There’s one catch (a pretty huge one at that) that may stop you from running out and getting these new fries asap. Unless you are living in Singapore or the Philippines (or happen to be traveling there in the near future), you won’t be able to get your hands on these crispy curlicues anytime soon. Because according to the Mickey D’s Wikia page, this creation is currently only being sold out in those countries.

So, for now, we will have to deal with the original Mickey D’s fries (which are still delicious, especially fresh out of the fryer) But seriously, who isn’t hoping that these Twister Fries make their way to a McDonald’s near you?

Sigh, sometimes these secret menu items are a secret for a reason. Thanks anyway, McDonald’s!

[H/T: Refinery29]

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