Meet The Men Who Will Be Fighting For A Rose On Rachel Lindsay’s Season Of ‘The Bachelorette’

They’re here!

The cast of Rachel Lindsay’s upcoming season of The Bachelorette has been announced and based on their bios, this is a pretty unique group of men. Maybe because Rachel is so normal they had to bring the drama with some very… interesting guys, including a professional “tickle monster.”

Just based on the photos, we’re sure Rachel is at least thrilled with a little bit of eye candy.

This season is more diverse than ever and these men definitely didn’t come to play when it came to winning everyone’s fave single girl. There are more than a few men in the legal field, which makes sense when considering that Lindsay is a lawyer herself. There is also a former basketball player, singer/songwriter, a model… and a whaboom? Whaboom the hell is that?

Lindsay has said that she’ll address race in the first episode, but otherwise the storylines are kept under wraps. There will be an appearance from Kareem Abdul Jabar and a lot of crying because this is The Bachelorette after all.

Reality Steve does have the spoilers as usual, so DON’T keep reading if you don’t want to know who the winner is. SPOILERS AHEAD: Reality Steve reports that Peter and Rachel are engaged.

If you don’t believe the spoilers and rumors or if you like to play with a little competition, check out College Candy’s official Bach Bracket League. We’re going to be playing to win this year, so get your wine, roses and need for drama ready.

The Bachelorette will premiere Monday, May 22 on ABC. You won’t want to miss it.

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