Nicki Minaj Partnered With Clean Water For All To Give An Indian Village Fresh Water

It’s little things like this that make Nicki Minaj more human to us mere mortals.

Nicki Minaj has been giving money to a small village in India for the last few years, an act of kindness that none of her fans and followers knew about until she shared the story this weekend. The rapper, who dazzled onstage at the Billboard Music Awards, shared a couple of sweet Instagram posts showing the progress of the unknown village.

The video shared by Minaj shows an Indian man expressing his gratitude for the water well and pump recently installed in the village, which will allow its people immediate access to fresh and clean drinking water. “This is the kind of thing that makes me feel the most proud,” Minaj wrote. “The money I’ve sent to this village in India for the last couple years [via my Pastor Lydia Sloley], had gotten them a Computer Center, a Tailoring Institute, a Reading Program and 2 WATER WELLS.”

Minaj, who also offered to pay fans’ tuition and student loan fees, also reminded her followers how small some of their problems are in the grand scheme of things and in comparison to other people around the world who are struggling for the bare minimum to survive. “We complain about the most ridiculous little things when some ppl don’t even have clean water,” she continued, “Blessings to India. Our work is far from done. I’ll tell you guys more about my charity work in the near future in case you’d like to be part of it. Love.”

In another touching video, we see women receiving two Singer sewing machines in order to make their own clothing. “I’m so proud of our sisters in India. God is so good,” Minaj writes. “Their desire was to have water wells and places where they can worship, places where they can learn technology, computers, reading, etc.” She ends her sentiments with, “We’re just getting started. These women are us and we are them!”

She may be a beast on stage but she’s got a heart of gold.

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