Actress Danielle Brooks’ Letter To Her Teenage Self Is Breathtaking

Orange is the New Black actress Danielle Brooks is more than a fiercely talented, influential woman — she’s a gorgeous writer as well. Last week she penned a letter to her fifteen-year-old self for Refinery29, beautifully capturing the most vulnerable, powerful age (especially for women), and her message is timeless.

“Let God write your story,” she writes in her letter, “It will always be brighter than you could ever dream of — so trust her.”

She then goes on to give herself a series of specific advice, from journaling to not caring about what other people think to overcoming grief. In one of the most poignant parts of the letter, she tells herself that she won’t be asked to prom — but it won’t matter.

“One day that boy you had a crush on, you’ll run into him at the grocery store and discover he has three baby mamas and works at Verizon. Not even as a manager,” she writes.

Her advice about taking risks, following your dreams, attempting to love all parts of yourself, and crying when you need to is applicable to her 15-year-old self, but it also holds true today.

The letter is raw and gorgeous and so real, so true, both to her experiences and to all of ours as women and as humans.

Read the entire stunning letter here.

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