Two New Bills Want To Make Sure You Know What’s In Your Tampons

When using tampons, there’s probably one thought going through your mind, and it’s stopping the blood flow so that you can go about your life. However, two new bills that have been introduced in Congress beg the question: should we be more conscious about what we’re putting into our blood streams?

Most menstrual product companies don’t list any kind of ingredients on their packaging, and there is little in the way of research on what tampons and pads may cause long-term, Teen Vogue reports.

However, two new bills currently facing Congress hope to address both of these concerns. If they pass, the bills would mandate that menstrual companies list their ingredients and encourage more research on the impact of chemicals in tampons and pads long-term.

Activists are focused on both added ingredients (fragrances, dyes) and toxic chemicals or pesticides, the New York Times reports. Bleaching cotton could also be harmful, leaving compounds called dioxins which could hurt our bodies.

The Times also acknowledges that the chance that these bills become law is low.

Regardless of the outcome, though, perhaps we should seek out tampon companies that do list their ingredients and be more mindful that bleach — whether put in our mouths or our vaginas — may not the best thing for our bodies.

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