Oreo O’s Are Making A Comeback For All Of The ’90s Kids

For all of us kids growing up in the ’90s, eating our favorite breakfast cereal and watching our favorite cartoons on early Saturday mornings were some of the best memories. The ’90s also happened to produce the best cereal, a morning meal that blurred the lines between sugary snack and breakfast food. Let’s not forget the dentists who made bank off of the cavities those cereals created. For the past couple years, ’90s kids have been able to relive those memories with some big-name cereals making comebacks.

There is one brand, however, that has disappeared and has yet to return to its rightful place. Oreo O’s made for an amazing breakfast and so many of us have been missing them dearly.

For the ones that don’t know of the glory that is Oreo O’s cereal, it’s basically like Cheerios, but if Cheerios were covered in chocolate and cream. It was also the only way you could actually get away with eating Oreos without Mom threatening to hide them.

Like most of its counterparts, Oreo O’s disappeared after being stocked on grocery store shelves for years. Since the disappearance, if you wanted Oreo O’s you really had to be committed. You’d either have to smuggle it in the states from friends or family living in South Korea (the only place you can get the cereal from the shelf) or you’d have to scrape together $300 dollars and start a bidding war on eBay. Yes, Oreo O’s really go for $300 dollars on eBay.

Somewhere our cries for a comeback were heard and it has been confirmed that the cereal is back in production in the states, hitting stores everywhere this June. It won’t have the little marshmallow bits like the South Korean but at least it’s actually back and it won’t run you $300. This comeback proves that the ’90s will never die! Now if only we could get back those cartoons.

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