This ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Deleted Scene Addresses A Question As Old As Time

We’re all familiar with the story of Beauty and the Beast. It was my favorite Disney movie growing up, and when I heard there was going to be a live action remake with one of my favorite actresses of all time, you can say I got a little excited. Although throughout the years there’s one question that has always eluded us dedicated fans.

Some of us wondered, while many of us really didn’t want to know, what about the castle toilet? If all of the people in the castle had been turned into furniture, would there be an unlucky soul who would have taken such a form? Would his name be Lou? Probably not, loo is an English term and the movie is set in France. (Do I have a tendency to overthink these things? Yes. Yes I do.)

Well, clearly I wasn’t the only one wondering this, because with the release of the live-action movie on Blu-ray, there’s a deleted scene that answers that exact question and, uh… well, it isn’t pretty.

[protected-iframe id=”612738ec7a03adb86e7eae5e81515fe2-860993-120273529″ info=”″ width=”750″ height=”422″ frameborder=”0″]

It turns out the answer is yes. One poor soul was transformed into the castle’s only toilet (why the heck there’s only one toilet in an entire castle is another mystery, one I don’t think we’ll be getting an answer to). His name is Monsieur Toilette, which is conveniently fitting, and it is quite arguable that he was cursed to a fate worse than that of the Beast. His character was to be introduced around the end of the film when the villagers were storming the castle. LeFou hides in the bathroom in an attempt to distance himself from the action, only to come face to face with one pissed off potty.

How do we know he’s the only toilet in the castle? Well, in a deleted scene that we can’t find online, after the curse is lifted, “LeFou asks aloud where a dreadful stench is coming from only to find Monsieur Toilette. In a quick, awkward exchange Toilette excuses himself to go and brush his teeth.”

Yeah, they went there.

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