Hillary Clinton’s Favorite Childhood Book Series Is So Empowering

Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is a public figure who embodies resilience and the fight for gender equality to thousands of young girls across the country, so it comes as no surprise that she had her own powerful role models when she was growing up.

While speaking with Wild author Cheryl Strayed at Book Expo of America on Thursday night, Clinton revealed that her favorite childhood book series was actually the Nancy Drew series, Bustle reports.

“I, like a lot of young girls of my time, read every Nancy Drew book,” Clinton explained. “I like the earlier ones better than the later ones, I’ll be honest. She just seemed like such a go-getter. Really smart, and brave… It was like a model for me, and for my friends.”

She had a lot of praise for the spunky teenage sleuth.

“I read a lot of books when I was growing up, but that had a big impact on me, because she was — dare I say — a little of a role model, you know?” she continued, “And I always felt so bad because her mother had died. I mean she’s taking care of the house, she’s going to school, she’s solving mysteries. I mean — really!”

Over the course of the interview, she spoke about many of her favorite books, including several mysteries she read after the election. (The Case of the Reality Star President has yet to be solved for many.)

“I kept a record of every book I’ve read during my entire adulthood,” she said.

The real question is… did she play the PC computer games?

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