Hillary Clinton Revealed Her Favorite Meme & It’s So On-Brand

Against your better judgment, you are at trivia night. It’s a Tuesday evening, the bar is dimly lit, and you are second-guessing coming, sipping a watered-down gin and tonic and musing that you don’t really like trivia anyway, and you could be at home with a glass of chilled white wine and a bubble bath (and far less headache-inducing shouting.) As your team of work colleagues grows more and more agitated with each question missed, about the Super Bowl, about WWII, about that iconic Madonna-Britney kiss, you grow more detached. But then, you hear it:

“2016 Pop Culture/Politics crossover. Here’s the question: After Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election, she revealed her favorite meme. What was it?”

You feel a stirring of excitement, long dormant. You scan the room. Everyone is exchanging bewildered looks, mentally flipping through memes in their heads. You raise your hand.

Hillary Clinton spoke at the 2017 Women in the World Summit in New York City last week, and while much of what she said was significant, powerful, and resilient as ever, she also revealed the answer to this future-trivia question, and her answer was pretty much perfect.

“There is that classic picture of all of them – men – sitting around deciding how they were going to defund Planned Parenthood and maternity care, and access to insurance for family planning and contraception,” she explained.

Oh, we know the one. This is the picture that prompted the meme Hillary Clinton is referencing, featuring a group of white men clad in identical suits, representing the diversity of our great nation (and deciding what women ought to do with their bodies.)

“Looking at that picture, you just think it has got to be from a skit on Saturday Night Live,” she continued. “It can’t possibly be true. My favorite GIF from the internet was showing the dogs sitting around the table, and the caption was, ‘Now we will discuss feline health.'”

You’ve got to give it to her, it’s a damn strong meme pick (although she did confuse GIFs and memes, but no harm, no foul.) It’s also no surprise that she chose a meme that satirizes the battle against women’s healthcare, an issue she has fought for much of her life.


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