Milo Ventimiglia Keeps Insisting Jess Isn’t Rory’s Baby Daddy & Lalalalalalalala

The Gilmore Girls revival left fans reeling with its highly-anticipated final four words, closing the show out with more questions than answers.

However, Milo Ventimiglia would like to crush Jess-and-Rory shippers (aka sane humans’) hopes and dreams by repeatedly asserting that he doesn’t believe Jess to be the father of Rory’s child.  He spoke at the Heroes & Villains Fan Fest in London earlier this week on his former character’s fate, HelloGiggles reports.

“Just so you know, its not Jess’ kid,” he told the crowd at the Gotham-themed panel, with all the authority of our president on a late-night tweeting spree.

He also seems to think we’re a bit greedy, and need to leave well enough alone with the series. “It was a great time. Jess was a fun character, but I always remind people that it was 16 years ago in the past,” he explained. “I’m very happy that the fans and the audience got those last four episodes. They should be happy with that.”

If there is another revival (which there absolutely should not be, but that’s another article) it sounds like Ventimiglia is out.

As much as I resent Ventimiglia’s dismissal of his brooding, beloved character, his response is so Jess-like (post-novella) it’s difficult to be angry.

Who is the father of Rory’s baby, then? My guess is Mr. Huntzberger himself. Amy Sherman-Palladino left us with those final four words with the intent of creating a full circle narrative. What could be more fitting than Rory carrying Logan’s child, when it is clear that Logan will be married to someone else and likely an absent father?

No, Rory will be doing this on her own — just as her mother did.

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