New Study Says Coffee May Help Improve Your Workouts

The general rule of thumb for working out is to drink lots of water. This is definitely the easiest way to stay hydrated and make sure your body is maintaining its fuel. Water is the biggest key to a successful workout.

Well, according to some new scientific research, coffee might be a good secondary alternative (though it doesn’t compare to the OG H2O!).

In a study conducted by Professor Bruno Gualano, a physiology professor at the University of São Paulo, new research found that drinking coffee influences workout performances. Gualano insists that the correlation between a cup of joe and a good jog is direct and positive.

Professor Bruno Gualano decided to test out this theory, so he gathered a group of male cyclists and broke them into three groups. One group was composed of those who drank a small amount of coffee, another sipped a moderate amount and finally, the last group took the largest gulp. Gualano had the participants undergo timed trials in which they had to cycle until they burned 450 calories. They did this after taking a caffeine pill that was the equivalent of four cups of coffee. After that trial, they took a placebo, then repeated it without the same stimulants, and were observed both ways.

A majority of the cyclists on the caffeine pill had the fastest trials, resulting in them finishing the task quicker. So, if you’re in a marathon, you might just want to drink four cups of coffee if you want to see some quicker results. However, Gualano warns that coffee does have dangerous side effects if a large amount is taken, so be cautious of the amount of java you’re drinking, and what you drink with it. Gualano recommends that you should first take small amounts to see how this improves your fitness.

We’ll make that a venti! Thanks!

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