Well, Gucci Has Officially Raised The Bar On Manicures

There have been a lot of outrageous nail trends lately. From geode nails to encasing tiny scorpions into a gel topcoat, the bar just keeps getting raised higher and higher when it comes to manicures. Lo and behold, I think Gucci just stepped up the nail game beyond belief.

Lo and behold, I think Gucci just stepped up the nail game beyond belief.


The latest Gucci Resort 2018 show took place in Florence, Italy this past weekend, and naturally, it featured some fierce styling. Alessandro Michele’s designs are always eye-catching and ornate with not a detail missed. Well, this year that point was really nailed home, as even the nail art on the models was worthy of being displayed in an art museum.


The style, fittingly dubbed “dipped ink nails,” had some of the models dip their fingers up to the knuckles in black ink, (which makes me feel a little better about not always being able to perfectly paint my own nails. I can claim it’s avant-garde). Their hands were then adorned in opulent rinds and hand-jewelry that would be super impractical IRL, but we all want it anyway. Why? Because it’s cool!


So it’s not exactly a look you can rock to the office or a family gathering, but whatever. That doesn’t make it any less stunning on the runway. Plus, we can always tone down the crazier elements and incorporate the core ideas into our own style right? Why not try a nice matte black coat with some rings and hand jewelry? If you’re really feeling creative maybe you can check out some gem nail decals. Let your imagination run free!

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