11 Tweets About The Tonys That You Won’t Get Unless You’re A Theater Nerd



The first movie I ever fell in love with was Singin’ in the Rain. Of course I had favorites before it, but this was the first movie that ever found a permanent home in my heart, stunning my seven-year-old self into silence with its song numbers, its tap-dancing, its perfectly-executed dialogue. It still makes me smile with every scene, with every word.

There is something about the jazzy music, synchronized dancing, and gorgeous costuming of the theater that is so much more enthralling than a movie or TV show can ever be. The connection between actor and audience is so much stronger, the live nature of the show so much more powerful.

If you have not picked up on it yet, I adore the theater. If you feel the same, these tweets about 2017’s Tony Awards may resonate with you.

Happy watching, theater nerds.

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