Disturbing New Details Have Emerged About Corinne & DeMario’s ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Incident










Every week, we live for the drama of The Bachelor, The Bachelorette and Bachelor In Paradise. It’s juicy, it’s crazy and it’s always an “OMG… Did that really happen?” moment.

But the yet-unaired drama on the now-cancelled season of Bachelor In Paradise recently took a troubling turn with some accusations of misconduct by a crew member. The production source claimed to witness a sexual encounter involving DeMario Jackson (Rachel Lindsay’s season of The Bachelorette) and Corinne Olympios (Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor). When the season’s cancellation was announced, details were murky, but the ABC network said they were investigating the legal allegations.

Now, TMZ alleges that Olympios is extremely troubled by the footage, saying she was unable to give her full consent because of alcohol consumption. She claims she blacked out and was unable to remember any of the details, which involved “rubbing, touching and fingering” as well as oral stimulation, and was only told of them by fellow castmates. The complaint was supposedly filed by Olympios’ assigned producer (each cast member is assigned a producer, which is who talks to them in confessionals), who was extremely uncomfortable the lack of bystander intervention in the encounter. Some BIP cast members have said they attempted to intervene, but were shut down by producers.

TMZ also says that Olympios was so drunk that day that she fell over and was unable to support herself, an indication that she could not give clear, verbal consent. The news outlet claims Olympios has assembled a legal team and is exploring her options, though she isn’t blaming Jackson because he was also under the influence.

Production sources claim that both Olympios and Jackson were lucid and able to consent. The network also says no cast or crew members reached out to them claiming discomfort.

Fans are speaking out in support of Olympios, as well as their opinion of the tough situation and its ramifications.



No matter how the scenario went down, this is unfortunate, and not because a dramatic soap opera of a reality show was cancelled. This is upsetting because it makes one question production’s motives on these shows, the nature of bystander intervention in an age of rampant sexual assault and just how things can go around when the lines of consent are blurred.

In the end, this drama isn’t the type that any of us are hoping to watch. In fact, it’s actually very triggering for survivors. No matter what, we hope that those involved get the help they need in light of these events and we hope that the network moves forward with concern for its cast, not just its ratings or its drama.

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