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ICYMI: Miley Cyrus & Jimmy Fallon Went Undercover As Subway Performers


Jimmy Fallon is known for doing crazy fun stuff on his late-night show. Fallen has proven he can and will do anything, from cracking eggs on the heads of his guests to performing the iconic “History of Rap” with Justin Timberlake and so much more.

Some lucky New Yorkers were a part of his latest shenanigan when Fallon and his special guest Miley Cyrus went undercover in the 42nd St. subway station. They sang “Jolene” together in costume before revealing their real identities and breaking into “Party in the USA.”

Check out the hilarious video and try not to sing along.

Cyrus was on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to promote her new album, and if her single “Malibu” is any indication, it is going to be a massive success.

Moral of the story: Don’t be in such a rush when going through the subway. For all you know, you could be walking into a free Miley Cyrus concert.

Shivani Gonzalez is an editorial intern at College Candy. Originally from Upstate New York but going to school in Canada, Shivani is pursuing a BA in Political Studies from Queen's University. Most importantly, she is obsessed with all things pop culture.