Good News Liars, A ‘PLL’ Museum Exists

Pretty Little Liars is coming to an end in two weeks, but the iconic show will live in infamy at the new PLL museum at Warner Brothers Studio. Yes, it’s a legitimate museum filled with iconic props and clothes from the hit TV show. The PLL museum even has its own version of A’s lair.

The whole PLL cast visited the museum for its opening and Shay Mitchell, who plays Emily Fields, posted a bunch of exclusive pictures on her Instagram story of the PLL museum. Mitchell posted multiple videos of A’s lair, which is huge and includes props like the creepy dollhouse and all of the stalker snapshots A has taken. The museum has official scripts throughout and even though Mitchell doesn’t specify whose manuscripts are in the museum they still probably have juicy PLL details within.

With only two more episode left of season seven and the revelation about A’s identity, going through the museum after the finale will be bittersweet. The cast is just as sad to see Rosewood go. When she was done filming, Mitchell left a tearful goodbye video. If you or the cast need a little Rosewood in your life, a trip to this new museum is a must.

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