An Iconic Look From ‘Wonder Woman’ Is Sparking A New Social Media Trend

Wonder Woman has been crushing it lately in the box office and just in general because she’s Wonder Woman. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, you’re missing out. Gal Gadot, who plays the heroine, is a total superstar. The character has good morals, kicks ass and doesn’t let anyone (not even hunky Chris Pine) stop her from doing what’s right. Oh, and she can deflect bullets. She’s unstoppable.

An iconic scene towards the end of the film is sparking a trend all over social media. Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman snuck into a ball (badass) and is ready to defeat the bad guy. She’s a wearing a ballgown and not her usual get-up, so to sneak her sword into the event, she carries it in the back of her dress.

Wonder Woman Sword Dress

Photo courtesy of Warner Bros.

The sword doesn’t seem comfortable at all, but looks so cool. And look at Wonder Woman’s back muscles. Girl has been hitting the gym. This trick didn’t go unnoticed by fans. Now there’s a trend of women putting (hopefully!) fake swords behind them and whipping them out like Wonder Woman. They’re using the hashtag #WWgotyourback and the pictures would make Wonder Woman herself proud.

Maybe the next time you’re going out, you’ll be reaching for a sword rather than a pair of earrings.

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