If Your Man Can Tell These Two Shades Of Liquid Lipstick Apart, He’s A Keeper

Twitter never seems to disappoint. When it comes to giving advice, gaining knowledge, or makeup advice, Twitter users always come in clutch. The latest viral tweet is helping users not only pick out a new shade of lipstick, but also to test their S/O’s knowledge.

Twitter user @africasmoon tweeted a picture of two red-toned Milani liquid lipsticks that look eerily close in color.

She captioned the photo, “Men will deadass tell you these two are the same color,” because men typically don’t notice the small details, including undertone, or the effort us ladies put in like picking the right lipstick shade.


At first glance, the two shades look like the same exact color, but the one on the left is slightly darker than the one on the right. She went on to prove that the two lipsticks were different.

Now that her tweet is going viral, girls are actually testing their boyfriends to see if they notice the color difference. It is harder for men to see color, so the responses varied, with most men getting it completely wrong. This is like a Buzzfeed color quiz in real life. Let’s just say there weren’t too many guys passing the test.


Some men actually noticed the different shades because they care and love their girlfriends… or maybe they aren’t color blind.


If you want to test your man do it ASAP, either before he sees all of these tweets or before you use up all of the lipstick.

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