Marco Rubio & Ivanka Trump’s Failed Hug Is The Internet’s New Fave Meme

Socially awkward situations are impossible to avoid, we get it. However, there’s awkward, and then there’s awkward. We’re talking viral status on Twitter levels of awkward here. That’s exactly what happened to Florida Sen. Marco Rubio when a photo was snapped of him attempting to hug Ivanka Trump at a closed-door meeting in D.C. to discuss pro-family tax reform.

Of course, the internet blew up with memes and hilarious commentary galore the moment this photo was posted.

But wait, it gets better. Not even Marco Rubio could stop himself from tweeting about the incident, although he seems to be putting a lot of energy into defending something that shouldn’t really matter.

And covfefeĀ even made its return…

Ivanka Trump got in on the action.

At this point does it feel like life is just a great, big parody of itself to anyone else?

And others couldn’t help but draw a comparison between this and one of the most awkward hugs of all time:

Cheer up Marco, the internet will move on eventually… though the memes (and this photo, yikes) will last forever.

Twitter Is Not Having The Ken Doll Makeover
Twitter Is Not Having The Ken Doll Makeover
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