Hilary Duff Has No Interest In A ‘Lizzie McGuire’ Reboot & I Blame Kate Sanders

In the midst of the upcoming That’s So Raven reboot nostalgia, an interviewer asked Hilary Duff if she would ever consider reprising her role as the platform-shoed, crimped-haired, bra-coveting ’90s legend that is Lizzie McGuire.

Duff’s answer is so not what dreams are made of.

The 30-year-old Younger actress admitted that she does not miss the show on Good Morning America, breaking the world’s collective hearts with as little hesitancy as Lizzie’s parents deciding to fly the entire family out to Rome because Matt “missed Lizzie.” (Seriously, parents? She’ll be home in a week, I think he can deal.)

“Do you miss it?” the interview asked, to which Hilary replied, simply: “No.”

“I don’t, but I loved it and honestly it prepared me for so much,” she hastened to add, “and I think – just like it hit everyone else when they needed it to at that time of their lives – it did the same thing for me. I totally related to her, loved her, felt like I was her completely. It totally worked, she was just so relatable but I’m kind of glad to move on.”

Lizzie McGuire was so deeply rooted in its time period that a revival, even ignoring the glaring lack of teen angst, would pale in comparison to the original series no matter how well it’s done. Perhaps we should take a page from McGuire Duff and appreciate a nostalgic series for what it is, instead of pressing for re-makes.

Then again, televising Kate Sanders’ inevitable evolution to come to appreciate spaghetti in tandem with husband Ethan Craft is not the worst idea anyone’s ever had.

Watch the full interview below.


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