These Isca Academy Students Protested The School’s Dress Code In The Best Way Possible

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This isn’t exactly something you see every day.

30 boys from the ISCA Academy in Exeter, United Kingdom are protesting their school’s dress code by wearing skirts to school.

This all started when they were told they could not wear shorts to school despite the extreme heat that the area had been experiencing. According to news outlets, yesterday was the hottest day in Britain in 40 years with the high reaching 93 degrees Fahrenheit.

They were told by school officials that “it was not part of the dress code. Though the school said it was doing everything that they could to ensure that everyone was comfortable, administrators were not willing to break the rule in regards to shorts.

One student was allegedly told that he would spend the whole next week in isolation if he showed up to school in shorts.

The idea for them to show up to school in skirts actually came originally from the school’s head teacher, but most students initially believed that she was joking.

Instead of taking it as a joke, these boys came up with an iconic way to protest this ridiculous rule.

They received a ton of support and well wishes. Twitter was cheering them on as they took their stand.

Keep fighting for your rights boys! You’re rocking the skirts.

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