Couple Includes Fave Third Wheel In Hilarious Wedding Photos

Lindsey Berger/Country Roads Photography/DailyMail

For some people, being a third wheel is an absolute nightmare. For Mitch Joliff, it’s no big deal.

Joliff is used to hanging out with his BFF, Kody Frysinger, and Frysinger’s now-wife, Brittney. Mitch and Kody started hanging out in high school and grew close as they got older together. Kody started dating Brittney soon after they became friends and the trio soon found their rhythm.

“We’ve been friends for seven years,” Kody told Yahoo Style. “Every single day, we’re in touch or with each other. Always together, always doing stuff together.”

The couple decided to include their bestie when they took engagement photos. Brittney was inspired by a set of pictures she’d seen on Pinterest and asked the photographer, Lindsey Berger, at their engagement shoot to take some pics with Mitch.

Lindsey Berger/Country Roads Photography/DailyMail

Originally, Mitch wasn’t down for the idea.

“At first, I was not a big fan of it,” Mitch said. “They actually had to persuade me quite a bit to take the pictures. I’m not a big picture taker.”

Eventually, he got into it.

It isn’t as though Kody and Mitch don’t already have plenty of snaps together. Consider it their tradition.

For her part, Lindsey Berger was happy to take the photos and loved the idea of giving Mitch his own place in their shoot.

“It was magic. It was perfect,” Berger told Yahoo.

Lindsey Berger/Country Roads Photography/DailyMail

The magic translated as their photos garnered thousands of likes and shares.

Brittney says that it all boils down to the relatability of the third wheel life.

“Everybody has that friend who third-wheels with you, who’s always there,” Brittney said.

Lindsey Berger/Country Roads Photography/DailyMail

As the Frysingers took on their honeymoon (just the two of them), Mitch came up with his own ideas for his future nuptials.

“I’m sure when my girlfriend and I get married, he owes me some favors in photo shoots. In good time,” Mitch said.

If there’s one lesson to be learned here, it’s this: Don’t be too upset about third wheeling. It just might land you a very special place in your best friend’s wedding photos, and of course, their memories.

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