‘Clueless’ Almost Didn’t Get Made For The Most Absurd Reason

Clueless is one of the most iconic teen films of all time, easily rivaling Mean Girls, 10 Things I Hate About You, and Pretty in Pink for its snappy one-liners, preppy ensembles, and ability to resonate with teen audiences and to capture high school desires and insecurities.

But the movie almost didn’t get made at all, Alicia Silverstone revealed in a new interview, and oh my god, I am totally buggin.’

“The one studio said no to it,” Silverstone told Variety, “They didn’t think anyone was interested in watching a movie about a young girl. ”

These studio execs sound like a full-on Monet to me. Silverstone continued, explaining that the studio (of course) regretted their decision to cancel a movie based on dubious sexism (yes, I’m embellishing — but that’s exactly what happened.)

“So it was [groundbreaking]. Those people now do kick themselves that they were not a part of that film. But the movie was set up at a studio. We were all set to go there, and they were like, ‘We just don’t think anybody is gonna care. It’s not gonna sell tickets—a young girl.'”

As it turns out, it sold $56.6 million worth of tickets, so it turns out (*gasps*) people actually do care about watching a teenage girl rollin’ with the homies.

Can you imagine a world without Silverstone as Cher? As if!

Watch Silverstone’s interview below.


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