Millennials Are The Most Likely Generation To Visit Public Libraries, Study Finds

Listen up, millennial bashers. Not only do millennials not eat any more avocado toast than other generations, but, as it turns out, we are also the ones most responsible for keeping public libraries open.

According to a new study conducted by Pew Research Center, millennials are more likely to visit a public library than any other adult generation in the U.S. A full 53 percent of millennials surveyed said they had used a library “in the previous 12 months,” with only 45 percent of Gen-Xers saying the same, and 42 percent of Baby Boomers.

Furthermore, this is not because of anxiety-prone college students checking out 11 books from their university’s library to meet their professor’s “no online sources” quota for the paper due the next day. (Thnksfrthmmrs.) No, the Pew data actually did not include university library visits at all, Bustle reports.

Generational divides are not the only noticeable trend in the data. Pew also found that 54 percent of women had visited a library within the last year (contrasted with 39 percent of men) and 40 percent of adults with a high school diploma were library-users,  contrasted with a full 56 percent for college graduates.

Also, unsurprisingly, parents are ten percent more likely to use libraries than non-parents or parents of children over the age of 18. (How to Manage Your Teenage Daughter: Volume 11.)

That’s right, millennials.

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