People Are Tweeting What Life Would Be Like #IfAlcoholDidntExist & The Entries Are So Relatable

Though you’ll likely never hear them, most everyone has their alcohol-based absurd memories (or lack thereof) from college or growing up, including your parents and grandparents.

Going into the weekend, the hashtag #IfAlcoholDidntExist began trending on Twitter, and the results are anything but predictable. Users are imagining a world if alcohol didn’t exist, many pointing out that lives would be spared due to drunk driving and alcoholism — but most struggling to fathom how their own lives would be altered forever, for better or for worse.

Some spoke of their personal anecdotes drinking.

Others posed the question in terms of broader consequences for humanity as a whole: it could affect everything from population control to Jimmy Buffet to religion.

If alcohol didn’t exist… would Jimmy Buffet be popular? Would “Wagon Wheel”? “Teenage Dirtbag”? “Friends in Low Places”? “Ignition (Remix)”? The last one was too far; that song is timeless.

The world may never know.

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