An 11-Year-Old Girl Wrote A Six-Page Report On Why Her Parents Should Buy Her A Cat & It’s So Cute

Remember when you had to ask your parents for permission to do certain things? What an awful time that was. This 11-year-old girl is determined to have a cat no matter what her parents say. Romesa Syed took it upon herself to write a six-page report on why her parents should get her a cat. It’s clear that this girl already knows how to break a stalemate by flexing her writing and debating muscles.

Her report was so funny that her older sister Rimsha posted it to Twitter and people are dying over her younger sister’s determination. The report starts off with, “To mom and dad: Why I would love a cat, benefits of cats, and fixing problems. By: Your Dear Old Lovely Daughter, Romesa,” with a picture of a cat right below. She then breaks down the reasons and benefits like a certified college student during finals week. She even pulled her parents’ religion into the mix, which is a genius move. Romesa wrote that, “Prophet Muhammed always fed cats and helped them out, because he knew they were kind and clean animals.” She really did pull out all the stops.

When you want something that badly you have to make power moves! Swaying your parents to get a cat through religion is just that. Twitter wants Romesa to get a cat so badly now. After seeing just snippets of her lengthy report, they are convinced she deserves one. When talking to Buzzfeed, she said her Dad always encouraged her to write reports when she cared about something deeply.

Not only is Twitter #TeamCat, but they also want the whole report to be posted because clearly this 11-year-old did her research.

Today Rimsha posted a photo of a kitty and had to clarify that it wasn’t theirs, and unfortunately, Romesa still doesn’t have one.

I’m not even a cat person and I think this girl deserves and needs a cat. If she took the time to write out a report, she would take the time to take care of a kitten. I just hope that if she gets a cat, her sister will update us all.

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