Bella Hadid Says One Thing Is Holding Her Back From Pursuing Acting

Bella Hadid is known for two things: being a supermodel and being Gigi Hadid’s little sister. Bella sat down with InStyle and revealed some insight as to what’s to come for her future, including what will make her step outside of her sister’s shadow. How? The way she’s going to find her own spotlight (literally) is through acting. That’s right, Bella Hadid wants to act.

In the interview, she says her reason for wanting to act is to be able to have more of a connection with her fans. “People think that I don’t smile and I’m super cold,” Hadid said. “With acting, you can show more of who you are.” You may remember that she has done some acting before. Bella was in a music video for her ex-boyfriend The Weeknd’s song “In the Night.”

The whole model-turned-actor change is really not that shocking, especially with the likes of Cara Delevingne gracing the screen in large franchise films. Bella is known to be the darker and moodier sister, so if this acting gig takes off she may be able to break the public’s perception of her.

There’s only one thing holding Bella back from launching her acting career. “I would have to get a holdĀ of my ADD, but otherwise I think it would be fun,” Bella said. Bella also suffers from Lyme disease, which she has under control, though it comes with a cost. She said that she takes 30 pills a day and gives herself two shots “right in the keester” every day.

Even though Bella’s health conditions seem serious, I bet she’ll overcome and learn to manage them to achieve her dreams. She’s already 20 years old and one of the biggest supermodels in the world.

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