This Man Tweeted That Birth Control ‘Isn’t Health Care’ & Women Are Burying Him Online

Birth control is used to prevent unwanted pregnancies that are created by both men AND women, and thus benefit both men AND women — yet some men persist in delight in classifying it as a “women’s issue” despite this general knowledge.

One man, who Politico describes as an “alt-right online philosopher,” tweeted out Monday that “BIRTH CONTROL IS NOT HEALTH CARE.” This man, Stefan Molyneux,  also accentuated each word with clapping hands emojis, so twenty points from Hufflepuff just for that.

Fortunately, women on Twitter were more than equipped to fire back at his ignorance, many doing so by mocking his clapping emoji usage.

Some took a less humorous approach, detailing their healthcare experiences that required birth control for matters other than preventing procreation. Many women cited endometriosis, period cramps, cysts, and other healthcare concerns as reasons for taking the pill. Women’s Health also notes that one study suggests that birth control cuts the risk of ovarian and endometrial cancers in half.


Birth control has a myriad of benefits aside from family planning, including easing debilitating menstrual cramps, unmanageable periods, endometriosis, migraines, and more health concerns that make it near impossible to live day-to-day life.

Still — even if it didn’t? Birth control should absolutely still be protected under health care laws because preventing unwanted pregnancy BENEFITS (clap) BOTH (clap) GENDERS.

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