‘Pretty Little Liars’ Is Finally Over & The Internet Has FEELINGS About What Just Transpired

Pretty Little Liars aired its series finale Tuesday night and the Internet has some WORDS for I. Marlene King on Troian Bellisario’s strained British accent, the many-season plot arc A.D. reveal, the prophetic angel horse, Jenna’s uncanny sniffing abilities, how the wine moms got out of the basement, Mona’s iconic real-world doll house, Toby’s unfathomable inability to recognize his own girlfriend, the mini-Liars, Emison parenting twins, what Aria and Ezra will tell their adopted child about how they met, if Spencer will ever catch a break as long as she lives, why Twincer reacts to deaths by destroying everyone else’s lives, whether Spencer and Toby will stay together or not, the fact that Emison’s baby daddy is technically a diamond, and what the inevitable revival will be about.

In less than 24 hours, the episode became the most-tweeted about television episode of 2017. The responses, while both positive and negative, are irrefutably passionate — because PLL fans are, if nothing else, dedicated as hell.


Cheers b*tches. Pour one out for all of the haunting threats written in lipstick, the ever-rotating cycle of villains, the impeccable masks, the creepy dollhouses, Mona’s one-liners, the inexplicably versatile black sweatshirts, all of the insane asylum appearances, the wine moms, and all of Rosewood for refusing to relocate despite living in the most terrifying town in the entire world. This show was absolutely bonkers. We’ll never be the same.

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