Snapchat Maps Gave Us The Funniest Tweet Of 2017

The new Snapchat update hasn’t been received well from he public. The new maps feature is creepy to most and not a good thing if you’re a cheater. But without the controversial update we wouldn’t be laughing at maybe the best tweet of the year.

These two men from the UK were out taking photos because photography is one of their hobbies. They were in Liverpool shooting ferries coming in and out of the harbor. That’s when one of the guys got stuck in mud. He was lying in the mud for the perfect shot. He takes his hobbies seriously. While waiting for help to arrive his friend opened Snapchat maps and what he saw is so funny.

Lad you okay??

— ALBY ✌🏻 (@ALBY_LAD) June 27, 2017

Anything for a good meme even at the expense of your friends. He’s stuck in mud and Snapchat has his Bitmoji smiling giving a thumbs up, oh the irony. Since the tweet was posted it has gone viral and at first people thought the man as dead. His friends had to clarify that he is okay.


— ALBY ✌🏻 (@ALBY_LAD) June 29, 2017

While some people were concerned about his health and safety others were cracking up at his situation.

Ofc he's ok, look at his bitmoji

— Fab ⛩ (@FaaabV) June 28, 2017

We're all Dave.

— Snacks Galore! (@CaliforniaJazzy) June 29, 2017

Most of the responses are the laughing crying emoji and asking if his friend is alright. But the number’s don’t lie this tweet is fire. In the words of @CaliforniaJazzy we are all Dave, fine on social media but dying in real life.

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